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If you are looking for more website traffic, more new customers and more profits for your business, then you have come to the right place.We will deliver the best kind of traffic and visitors to your website that you want and need to grow your Fort Lauderdale or South Florida business without having to pay for every click. This traffic, organic traffic delivered through search engine optimization, comes from a much bigger pool of searches.

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Google had ad revenues last year of nearly $60 billion and that was a double digit increase over the year before. Why does Google’s business continue to grow?

Because they have the world’s most popular search engine and people increasingly go online to search for stuff they need; dry cleaners, plumbers, AC repair, lawyers, shoe repair, dentists, and the list goes on.

In today’s business world search marketing needs to be part of your marketing plan, especially since the Internet becomes an increasingly more integral part of our lives every day. Most successful businesses have used it as a part of their marketing strategy – they see the enormous gains and incredible return on investment they can achieve using search engine optimization.

Our SEO agency will drive those results to your business.

Search engines are an excellent resource to be able to find just about anything that you might need or want. You just type in what you’re looking for in the search engine and almost immediately it will serve up relevant results – search engines use proprietary computer algorithms to deliver these results to you. Imagine if search engines did not exist, it would be nearly impossible to find anything on the Internet. All we have to do is type in keywords or phrases and these marvelous search engines make it quite easy for us to find what we are looking for.

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“I met Pipp a little over a year ago. Having recently opened an office in Brooksville and needed an online presence. Pipp built a website for me and created a strong local search presence for me. I now appear on the first page of search results for all my important keywords on Google and the other major search engines. Additionally we are doing online video marketing allowing me to have another spot on page one for many of my keywords. And we are seeing results. I highly recommend Pipp if you need help with marketing online. Also, Pipp recently brought me up to speed on the growth and importance of mobile, so I had him build a mobile site for my practice which allows me to take advantage of the growth in mobile search.”

Richard Mitzel, Owner, Richard M. Mitzel P.A.


Increase Visibility…
Give your business the visibility it deserves with dominating rankings in Google. We’ll direct all digital roads to your business.

Team Up…
Our job is to help you, so if you have a problem that needs resolved, need an update or just have a question, let us know. We are available. Think of us as your partner, because with SEO we will not take on another client in your niche – in your market.

Google Domination…
We are not happy with just being at the top of the SERPs. We want to take over the entire page.

More Customers…
Our services will help drive more customers to your site, products and services, than any other digital marketing strategies.

On a monthly basis we will send you rank updates and industry news that is worth knowing. We want to make clients aware of changes in the industry and will make recommendations to help secure their businesses online.

Best Practices…
No black-hat tactics or cutting corners. All work is done by our core team of internet marketing pros.

Revenue Growth…
Watch your revenue grow from a new stream of inquiries or customers that want your products and services.

Yes, we are SEO pros but we also belong to mastermind groups that include the world’s leading SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working now and what to move away from. We stay on top of the industry for you.

Worry-Free Agreements…
Month-to-month agreements. You are paying for results… if you are not getting them you should not be locked to an agreement you can’t get out of.

“I had the pleasure to work with Pipp on a SEO project. He was able to quickly assess the scope of work and devise a game plan. We were successful and Pipp’s help was a valuable component to that success. I can eagerly recommend him as an excellent SEO.”

Thomas Oxlee, &

Why are SEO Services So Important to My Business?

You should engage a search marketing plan as a part of your overall marketing efforts as soon as possible. The reason is that people use the search engines to find with the need every single day and your potential new customers are searching online for your services every day.
You are being passed over because they can’t find you. The opportunity cost, the lost revenue, can be staggering.
Unfortunately many Ft Lauderdale businesses have been burned by SEO companies that were full of hot air and did not deliver the results they promised. Consequently many business owners have heard the horror stories or had a bad experience themselves and as a result – are reluctant to spend money without getting any results. Who can blame them?
Many businesses, both large and small, find search engine optimization to be confusing or overwhelming, though they need it to get the most out of an effective marketing plan. Let’s face it a marketing plan that does not include a serious online effort is not really a marketing plan.
An search marketing campaign implemented by an SEO expert will produce an enormous return on investment.
We will deliver results by getting you ranked on page one of Google.

“In the SEO world, precision and attention to detail decide the difference between average and expert. Pipp’s ability to formulate precise strategies tailored to client’s needs and implement them with knowledge and expertise sets him apart from the many professionals claiming to be SEO experts. When a business owner chooses to do business with Pipp, they are making the right choice!”

Kotton Grammer, Nationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur

Top Rankings

When you search for something online the search engine delivers a page of search results. Many relevant websites will be listed which you have to look through one by one to find what you’re looking for. Most people only look at the first page of search results occasionally they may look at page 2. That is why it is so important to be ranked at the top of search – because more people will see your site and click on it.

The content of your site and the structure are important elements that search engine’s use to determine rankings. In this regard the better your site is – the better visibility you’ll have. New customers are searching online because it’s the easiest way they know of to find what they need, so you have to be found there to get their business.

Long-term Success

A solid SEO strategy that is properly implemented will move your site to the top of the search rankings and you will stay there. This will ensure a steady flow of ongoing new business. That is the result of a sound search marketing plan successfully carried out.

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The Online Advantage

As complicated as search engine marketing seems it offers a distinct advantage that you never had with the Yellow Pages.

Yes, the Yellow Pages.

The Yellow Pages was everybody’s search engine 8-10+ years ago. In 2007, the tide turned and more people went online to look up phone numbers than opened a yellow pages directory for that information.

In the Yellow Pages – older businesses, businesses that had been around for 10 or 20 years always had the best position or rankings. “Size and seniority” was the rule of the day, businesses with the largest and longest running ads were always able to maintain their position. Unless they canceled their ads you could never move ahead of them.

The Game Changer

Our SEO company gives any business the best opportunity to move to the top of the search rankings. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a short time or for decades you have the same opportunity to be at the top of search. It is actually possible to own several listings on the first page of the search results and dominate your competition.

In Conclusion

Online search is the go to resource for anyone looking for a product or service locally or nationally. And Google is the go to search engine for the vast majority.

Why wait? Every day that you’re not ranked in Google another new prospect chooses a business that is not yours.

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